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Speaker Edifier S880DB

Desktop stereo active speaker
3.75 inches metal diaphragm mid-range and bass
speaker unit, and 19mm titanium treble speaker unit
Versatile with multiple inputs and Bluetooth wireless
XMOS processor and USB audio connector
Precise electronic crossovers and full digital
amplification system
Universal power supply
Multifunctional remote control
Power output :R/L(Treble): 12W+12W
R/L(Mid-range and bass): 32W+32W
Noise level 25db
Frequency response : 55Hz-20KHz
Input sensitivity : Bluetooth : 600 ±50mV
AUX : 600 ±50mV
COA / OPT : 400 ±50mV
PC : 800 ±50mV
Input type : PC/AUX/USB/Optical/Coaxial/Bluetooth
Speaker unit : Mid-range & bass: 3.75” (94mm)
Treble: 19mm titanium-laminate dome

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