Car Charger Forcell 3in1 + USB (Micro + Lightning 8-pin + Typ C) 3,4A black


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Universal car charger with built-in cable (Micro USB, Type C, compatible with Lightning connector) and an additional USB connector. It allows you to charge almost any device while driving.

Built-in cable with three types of connectors (Micro USB, Type C, Lightning) allows you to power mobile devices with the appropriate type of plug.

USB connector makes the Forcell charger compatible with any device charged via a USB cable.

Charging up to 4 devices simultaneously eliminates the need for other chargers.

Compact size makes it easy to move and store the product when not in use.

Spiral type cable prevents tangling and improves comfortable use.

Input voltage: 12-24 V
Output voltage: 5 V
Charging current: 2.4 A
Charging current (3in1 cable): 1 A

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